Conversation with Skype customer support

System says,
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
08:35:59 System says,
Please hold for the next available Live Support Agent.
08:36:49 System says,
Jennifer Rose E. has joined this session!
08:36:49 System says,
Connected with Jennifer Rose E.
08:36:59 Jennifer Rose E. says,
Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Jennifer. How may I help you?
08:37:12 nohat00 says,
Hello, I think my account has been compromised
08:39:34 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I’m sorry to hear that your account has been hacked.
08:39:39 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I would be happy to look into this for you.
08:39:44 Jennifer Rose E. says,
For better assistance, may I have your name and your Skype username, please?
08:39:58 nohat00 says,
name: David Friedland Skype username: nohat00
08:40:14 Jennifer Rose E. says,
It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to chat with you at this moment, David.
08:40:54 Jennifer Rose E. says,
May I ask what cause you think that your account was hacked?
08:41:59 nohat00 says,
First, I received an e-mail notification that my account had been charged but the notification was in Russian, which made me wonder about my account. So I signed in and checked my call history, and I noticed dozens of calls to Pakistan and the United Kingdom over the past couple days.
08:42:19 nohat00 says,
I haven’t used Skype at all over the past couple days, so someone must have hacked my account.
08:42:59 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I’m sorry to hear that.
08:43:19 Jennifer Rose E. says,
To ensure that only you have access to your Skype account, we suggest that you change your password through this link:

08:43:32 nohat00 says,
I have already changed my password
08:43:49 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I have cancelled the recent charge on your account.
08:44:24 Jennifer Rose E. says,
We had not received the payment for the order, therefore no refund to your credit card is necessary.

This may show up reservation on your credit card statement but no funds were taken from your account as we have reversed the transaction.
08:45:08 nohat00 says,
Thank you. Can I also get the credits restored for the fraudulent calls?
08:46:54 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I apologize but unfortunately, Skype cannot refund any money you might have lost due to this incident.
08:47:07 nohat00 says,
why not?
08:52:40 Jennifer Rose E. says,
The service have been used and we are not unable to refund these calls.
08:53:18 nohat00 says,
So you _are_ able to refund them? That doesn’t sound like a real reason.
08:53:36 nohat00 says,
I would like the fraudulently-used credits back
08:55:30 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I apologize but there is nothing that we can do.
08:55:35 Jennifer Rose E. says,
Every user has to take care of their security systems on private computers.
08:59:50 Jennifer Rose E. says,
It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you, just checking to see if we’re still connected?
09:00:56 nohat00 says,
If you don’t restore the credits, then I will have to contest the charge with the credit card company
09:01:31 nohat00 says,
You _can_ restore my credits, you simply choose not to.
09:01:40 nohat00 says,
Saying there is nothing you can do is disingenuous
09:02:00 Jennifer Rose E. says,
You may dispute these charges with your bank.
09:02:30 nohat00 says,
wouldn’t Skype prefer to keep me as a customer?
09:04:00 Jennifer Rose E. says,
Please understand that there are procedures that we need to follow. We are all aware that hackers gained a lot number of techniques to gain access to someone else’s account.
09:04:10 Jennifer Rose E. says,
This is clearly a problem for us and we are continually working to increase our security measures and prevent as many of these fraudulent transactions as possible.
09:04:20 Jennifer Rose E. says,
We advise you to contact your bank, to receive the money back from the unauthorized transactions.
09:06:25 Jennifer Rose E. says,
It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you, just checking to see if we’re still connected?
09:06:44 nohat00 says,
I’m just trying to understand what your previous comments have to do with the situation at hand
09:07:18 nohat00 says,
I would really appreciate it if you could restore the fraudulently-used credits to my account.
09:07:35 Jennifer Rose E. says,
We are just trying to say that all major credit card companies have policies that protect you against this kind of fraud and allow you to simply call them and reverse this payment.
09:09:33 nohat00 says,
well, it’s too bad for Skype. I know chargebacks are bad for business. You could have kept the money and me as a customer if you had just restored the credits.

Jennifer Rose E. says,
As mentioned, we need to follow processes and procedures.
09:13:32 nohat00 says,
Well, if you just tell me what else I need to say for you to follow the process and procedure for restoring credits, I’d be happy to say it
09:14:19 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I apologize but there is really nothing that we can do. We are only able to refund “unused” Skype Credit.
09:14:49 Jennifer Rose E. says,
I have cancelled the recent order on your account as the Skype Credit have been unused.
09:16:00 nohat00 says,
well, you are to be congratulated on your recalcitrance. I can only hope that these inflexible policies benefit Skype more than it hurts
09:16:09 nohat00 says,
good day

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