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So, apparently the Wikimedia foundation has deployed their new logo for Wikipedia. And I must say it looks horrible. While I am pleased that they’ve selected new characters for all the other pieces of the puzzle, and they’ve cleaned up those minor problems with the Devanagari and Japanese characters, overall the new logo is a total aesthetic failure.

It is too small. Why did they decrease the size of the logo? Is there a reason for this, or was it just done arbitrarily? I think the original size was just right, and in the new size the characters are just too small.

The anti-aliasing is crap. There is not enough contrast between the characters and the piece background. The characters should be black on a light gray background, not darkish medium gray on a lightish medium gray background.

The “shadow” of the back is too dark. It is very distracting in the new logo and makes it look almost like there is a small black piece on the front of the puzzle sphere. In the original logo, the shadow is a muted gray and doesn’t distract from the rest of the logo other than to enhance the sense of three-dimensionality.

Finally, and by far most importantly, the sense of texture from the engraved edges of the pieces, making it look it was constructed from actual puzzle pieces, is completely lost. Now it just looks like someone drew the idea of a puzzle onto a smooth sphere. The the three-dimensionality of the pieces in the old logo gave the logo a very satisfying sense of texture. I spent many hours getting the lighting and texture to look just right on the original logo, and in the new logo, it doesn’t appear anyone considered the aesthetics at all, and instead just focused on the “cool” factor of making the logo a “real” 3-D model and the “PC” factor of changing the character errors and selecting new characters for the hidden pieces.

Overall, the new logo is a total flop. I hope they revert back to the old logo until these major flaws can be addressed.

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8 Responses to The awful new Wikipedia logo

  1. Otourly says:

    I really don’t think that the new logo is awful. The former one have many errors and it don’t have an big resolution version.

  2. JV says:

    The new logo looks washed out and why did they make it smaller? The old logo had much more defined lines between the puzzle pieces and it feels much more 3D. The black they are using for the inside of the back piece to show 3D doesn’t work as good as the gray used in the old logo for the same effect.

    I’ll grow used to the new logo, but in my view this is not an upgrade.

  3. I don’t think it’s awful at all. It could stand some tweaking, but overall it’s better than a logo with embarrassing language errors. *cough*

  4. I totally agree with your criticism. The new logo looks like something out of a 2002 3D game, and lacks pretty much all of the æsthetic the old version has.

  5. JovanCormac says:

    Totally agree with OP. The new logo is embarassing. I can’t believe it was supposedly created by a 3D genius of NASA stature. He can’t have taken this project very seriously.

  6. Pu Koh says:

    the old logo was clunky and unrefined. The globe was too big compared to the word mark which is probably why they reduced it.

    Although the new globe lacks the contrast level of it’s predecessor, and could so with some refinements, it’s a change for the better.

    IMO, both versions of the logo are ‘non logos’ so wanting them to revert to the old one for the sake of fixing the new one is a but pointless.

    Who goes to wikipedia to look at their logo anyway.

  7. nielses says:

    I agree that the new logo lacks some of the aestetics of the old one. It’s looks too smooth and raytraced.

    Perhaps you want to correct the image link in your old post so that you avoid saying that the new logo is nice. ;-)

    I like your original post describing the logo.


  8. Commentor says:

    It’s not Japanese but Chinese!

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