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new words

the opposite of extract: to insert inside or between
an instance of getting together: REUNION
exceptionally fun

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Breaking radio silence for this

I was visiting my friend Elaina yesterday, who lives in the SoMa district of San Francisco. When I was leaving at around 7:15PM, I entered the self-service parking lot across from the building she lives in that my car was parked in. I pressed the unlock button on my keyless entry fob and looked up at my car and saw someone sitting in the driver’s seat. I was astonished; adrenaline coursed through my bloodstream. I approached the car from the passenger side, opened the door, and saw a “black male, age 35-40, wearing black jacket and red backpack“, as my police report would later say, sitting in the driver’s seat of my car, attempting to disassemble my car stereo, presumably for the purpose of stealing it. I told him, in no uncertain terms, to vacate the vehicle. After muttering something incomprehensible, he obliged my request. It was that at this point that it occurred to me that it might be advisable to summon the police, so I did. Unfortunately, the perpetrator of the crime was in the process of fleeing on foot. I decided to follow him while I waited for the Public Safety Answering Point to discover that I don’t speak Spanish. I was successfully keeping the would-be stereo thief in my field of view. When I explained what I was doing to the dispatcher, she told me stop, for own safety. So I stopped my hot pursuit at the northwest corner of 6th and Mission. When the cops finally showed up about 100 seconds later, I had lost sight of him, and the cops couldn’t find him either. The cops invited me to ride with them in their police cruiser for a very short ride around the block looking for the offender. The seat in the back of the SFPD police cruiser is not in any way comfortable. It’s hard, plastic, and bumpy. Take my advice and decline offers to take a ride in one if given the choice. In the end, I had to drive home without a window, so instead of taking one of the freeways, I-280 or US-101, I drove home on El Camino Real, which took much longer, although I must confess it was interesting to drive through some of those towns in the upper peninsula that I’d never been to before. By the time I got to Palo Alto, I was bored, though, and when I reached the intersection of CA-82 and CA-85 in Mountain View, near my office, I elected to take 85 home. I turned up the heat and listened to Michael Krasny discuss blood with Bill Hayes on KQED-FM, our local NPR station. Continue reading

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