Best Buy

I had a very strange interview at Best Buy on Sunday. I was just interested in a part-time position, and they called me the next day after I filled out their online application wanting to schedule an interview. The interview was strange because it took place in a room with multiple people in it and coming in and out and interrupting the interviewer. Perhaps it was a test of my ability to stay focused in chaos. The interviewer didn’t really ask many questions about my qualifications and seemed to be surprised when I offered him my résumé, which now extends to two pages per the advice of my cousin Sarah. It was also strange because it took place on a Sunday. After the brief interview he said they would call me later that night after they made their decision. It’s now Monday evening and I still haven’t heard from them. I don’t suppose I’ll be getting a job offer, which is just as well, because I have decided a job right now would be a hindrance to my greater effort which I must expend on my work.

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2 Responses to Best Buy

  1. Anonymous says:

    best but sucks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Subject:i used to work there
    i worked at best hell for 9 years. you made the “mistake” by handing a resume. the intervewing manager apparantly was intimidated. good for you!! i’m glad you didn’t get in there. you are better off. go to college and get a real job!!