Broken computer

I installed Panther a couple weeks ago. It was great at first, but then it started getting unstable. My computer actually hard crashed, which it never ever did under Jaguar. So I tried to do a clean install, and my computer wouldn’t even boot from either the Panther or Jaguar install discs. I tried swapping out everything I could and still no luck. My computer was busted. So I took it to Baka computer repair on Thursday, paid $65 and am hoping to hear back from them. They said 2-3 (business) days so I expect to hear from them on Monday. If not, I’m going to call them. I hope my computer isn’t totally busted because I can’t really afford to buy a new one right now, and I can’t just use my laptop (from whence this message) because all my data is on the hard disks in my desktop. As soon as I can afford it, I’m getting a new desktop, but in the meantime, I’m suffering here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Subject:computer meltdown
    I installed a new cd burner into slot # 2 on my pc. for about two days it ran fine but now it won’t even reboot. All it does is go to a black screen that says please type in a command. So i would type in a command and it says invalid command and shuts off can anybody help me??