Grammar Rant I: Acronyms

There seem to be a lot of people out there who are determined to define the word acronym as only meaning a set of initials that are read as a word, using the normal rules of English spelling. These people would have that acronyms like BBC and IBM aren’t acronyms at all, but merely initialisms or just abbreviations

I think these people are right crazy. Sure, if they interpret some dictionary definitions in a narrow way they can claim it supports their case, but the reality is that it just defies common usage. Most people call sets of initials, regardless of how they are pronounced, as acronyms. Furthermore, there are mutant cases, like JPEG and IUPAC, which are part letters and part sounded-out word, and none of the restrictive meaning people seems to be willing to make a declaration as to whether those are acronyms or not.

I ran into this problem while working on the Acronym article at Wikipedia. However, my impeccable logic seems to have won out, for now.

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