My upstairs neighbor, Jeanne, met me in the garage yesterday and asked me if I worked for a restaurant because she always smells such delicious cooking smells coming from my apartment. She thought maybe I cook the food here and bring it somewhere else. (Which is kind of a strange thing to think, but I digress). Little did she know those fabulous meals she was smelling were just my boring little dinners and whatnot. I wish I had more people in Ithaca to cook for. And after reading a really depressing article yesterday about how incredibly tight the software engineering job market is these days, maybe I should look into food preparation as a vocation. In any case, I watched Rachael Ray make these really good Chicken Parmagiana cutlets on 30-minute meals the other day on Food Network and had to try them myself. They’re probably not very good for you, but they sure were delicious. So good, I made another batch last night and am holding on to them for snacks.

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