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What does it say in the title bar?

After the slash–that’s David Friedland’s web site in Japanese. Read: debiddo furidorando no webbusaito. If you have a Japanese input method activated on your computer you can type it in yourself, just be sure to switch from katakana to hiragana for the ‘no’. And to those who ask why do I put the title of my web site in Japanese I say “because I can”. Continue reading

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Computer fixed again

$200 later my computer is working and it has all four hard drives that once lived inside all inside and on and purring happily. That’s right, 120GB + 80GB + 20GB + 20GB = 140GB of data that I have NO IDEA HOW I’M GOING TO BACK UP. It seems these days the cheapest method of backup available is, well, another hard disk. Oh, and I made a total gaffe on quarry-l; fortunately the only feelings that were possibly hurt were my own. I’m so glad I have friends who don’t mercilessly rub stuff in forever. At least I hope they don’t. Continue reading

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Best Buy

I had a very strange interview at Best Buy on Sunday. I was just interested in a part-time position, and they called me the next day after I filled out their online application wanting to schedule an interview. The interview was strange because it took place in a room with multiple people in it and coming in and out and interrupting the interviewer. Perhaps it was a test of my ability to stay focused in chaos. The interviewer didn’t really ask many questions about my qualifications and seemed to be surprised when I offered him my résumé, which now extends to two pages per the advice of my cousin Sarah. It was also strange because it took place on a Sunday. After the brief interview he said they would call me later that night after they made their decision. It’s now Monday evening and I still haven’t heard from them. I don’t suppose I’ll be getting a job offer, which is just as well, because I have decided a job right now would be a hindrance to my greater effort which I must expend on my work. Continue reading

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Broken computer

I installed Panther a couple weeks ago. It was great at first, but then it started getting unstable. My computer actually hard crashed, which it never ever did under Jaguar. So I tried to do a clean install, and my computer wouldn’t even boot from either the Panther or Jaguar install discs. I tried swapping out everything I could and still no luck. My computer was busted. So I took it to Baka computer repair on Thursday, paid $65 and am hoping to hear back from them. They said 2-3 (business) days so I expect to hear from them on Monday. If not, I’m going to call them. I hope my computer isn’t totally busted because I can’t really afford to buy a new one right now, and I can’t just use my laptop (from whence this message) because all my data is on the hard disks in my desktop. As soon as I can afford it, I’m getting a new desktop, but in the meantime, I’m suffering here. Continue reading

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