Kitten pictures

Due to popular demand, photos of my adorable kittens, Force and Balthasar are available in the Photo Gallery. Force is the lighter gray kitten, and Balthasar has some black fur, but otherwise they are very similar in appearance. Force is also the one with the black string around his neck. They are from the same litter and were 12 weeks old in these photos. Photos taken by Stefan Lawrence.

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2 Responses to Kitten pictures

  1. Anonymous says:

    Subject:cat talk
    i think kittens are so cute me and my best friend dress are cats up in baby clothes and diapers there are so adorable and the cutest thing you have ever seen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Subject:Cat Reactions
    My cat hates it when I sing! Every time I sing his tail goes straight up and starts running in the other direction. One time when I was singing he jumped up at my face and bit me on the lip! He just frieks out when I sing!