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Contacting David Friedland

For privacy purposes, I have not published my contact info on the web. If you need or want my phone number, AIM screen name, email address, or mailing address, send a blank email to and a message will be automatically returned to you with my contact info.

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The “tchotchkes on the wall” school of restaurant decoration

Dear restaurant decorating professionals,
Do you have a garage full of useless junk? Well have I got a an idea for you! The next time you decorate a restaurant, in fact every time you decorate a restaurant, here’s what you do: take the useless junk, clean it up a bit, and jauntily array it on the walls of the restaurant. Presto! Instant, stylish decor results at bargain basement prices! No need to bother with expensive luxuries like “artwork” or frou-frou decorator technique. Continue reading

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Did you know that I work for a company called Speechworks? I am technically just an intern and mostly what I work on is our text-to-speech software. Computer voices these days sound very realistic, especially the ones we at Speechworks make. Don’t believe me? Take the Speechify Challenge or have Speechify Tom say something for you with the Speechify demo. Continue reading

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Photo gallery first start

All the photos are online now, sans meta-information. Click on “photo gallery” or follow this link. Also, please make an account for yourself if you care for me to know who’s visiting my web site.
Update: It doesn’t seem at this time that my web site can send out emails with your password information, so if you’re burning to have an account, go ahead and make it and send me an email at and I’ll manually send you your password which you can change once you log in. Continue reading

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Hey everyone

The new is finally under way. Keep checking back for updates and the photo gallery. Continue reading

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