COM S 482 Introduction To Analysis of Algorithms

Spring, summer. 4 credits. MWF 9:05-9:55A

Techniques used in the creation and analysis of algorithms. Combinatorial algorithms, computational complexity, NP-completeness, and intractable problems.

ASIAN 208 Introduction To Southeast Asia @ (III Or IV)

Spring. 3 credits. T. Chaloemtiarana. MWF 10:10-11:00A

This course is for anyone curious about the most diverse part of Asia; it defines Southeast Asia both as the nation-states that have emerged since 1945 (Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam) and as a larger cultural world extending from southern China to Madagascar and Polynesia. Students find a serious, organized introduction to a variety of disciplinary and topical approaches to this region, including geography, linguistics, history, religion and ideology, anthropology, marriage and family systems, music, literacy and literature, art and architecture, agriculture, industrialization and urbanization, politics and government, warfare and diplomacy, ecological and human degradation, and business and marketing. The course teaches both basic information and different ways of interpreting that information.

H ADM 230 Introduction To Culinary Arts

Fall and spring. 2 credits. Limited to non-hotel students. Priority given to seniors and graduate students. S-U grades only. Attendance at first class is mandatory. Absolute drop deadline for fall is September 7; spring drop deadline is February 1. Elective. There will be a course fee of $60 which includes the cost of a uniform and uniform cleaning. S. Gould, T. O’Connor, R. White. R 6:30-10:30P

Studies of food groups, their respective methods of preparation, cooking, presentation, and holding. Designed for non-hotel students who are interested in learning the professional approach to food preparation and service with hands-on practice. Food product identification, preparation and service methods, and professional language of food and cooking.

PE 268 Fitness and Conditioning

Fall and spring. TR 11:30-12:15P

Physical fitness program that embodies features of stretching exercises, weight lifting, and jogging. Students work on their individual training needs.

This is only 10 credits, though. I need at least one more class. Maybe COM S 324 Computational Linguistics or COM S 474 Introduction To Natural Language Processing

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