Monthly Archives: December 2001

If Dan can do it, so can I

I passed my first catastrophic (9 foot, most difficult level) song on DDR tonight. It was ‘God of Romance’ on 5th Mix. Although both Mssrs. Dickinson and Heidt were quick to dismiss my achievement as one on a song that “shouldn’t be 9 feet,” it nevertheless is 9 feet. So :-P. Hooray for me!

(The title is referring to the fact that Dan lists his DDR achievements on his page.) Continue reading

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IT’s here

Despite South Park’s prediction of a replacement for the airplane, Dean Kamen’s Ginger or It has been unveiled: it is the Segway HT (Human Transporter). Comparisons to extant transport modes don’t do the device justice: go to the Segway web site to see it.

Some I have talked to about it have discounted it as a gimmick, but I buy into the marketing hype and think it has the potential to be revolutionary. What do you think? Continue reading

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