Monthly Archives: September 2001

1-month gap

Tuesday’s events were indeed tragic and have driven me to tears, but the most important thing to do is to continue our lives.

Having said that, I am in fact back at school now, and all of my items have arrived, in approximately reverse order in which they were sent. I sent my computer early so I wouldn’t be without it for too long and of course it got lost in Oklahoma and arrived 2 weeks late yesterday. Grrr.

This semester I am taking: CS 381: Intro to Theory of Computing (a.k.a. 9am Intro to ZZZzzz); Spanish 209: 3rd semester Spanish, the most high-school-like class I have taken so far at Cornell; Hotel Administration 430: Introduction to Wines; Classics 336: Introduction to Greek Mythology; Linguistics 319: Phonetics I; Linguistics 309: Morphology I. Oh, and Intro to Swing on Wednesday afternoons. So yes, a very full schedule: should be lots of fun. Continue reading

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