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Shrek update

So apparently I don’t have work next week, which sucks doubly because I won’t get paid and because I don’t really have anything to do. I should work on my dad’s project so that will help fund project get-David-a-Ti-PowerBook.

I have decided to develop a caloric deficit by reducing my total calorie intake and dramatically increasing my physical exertion, ramping up over the next month. The intent here is obviously to reduce my overall body fat and to increase my physical well-being. I will think of it as a mid-year resolution, as the halfway point of the year is somewhere very close to now. Encouragement and/or advice is appreciated.

One other thing: I want to know your CELLULAR PHONE NUMBER. Please e-mail it to me. This means you. My email address can be found in the contact information FAQ. However, if you don’t know my email address you probably aren’t one of the people whose cellular phone number I want. Continue reading

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Photo album update

I updated the Photo Album such that it accurately represents the contents of the photo album and is actually functional. Continue reading

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From Plastic

Mantra for those confused by humor in the post-ironic era:

I either applaud your acute sense of irony or celebrate your picaresque idiocy. Continue reading

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Hooray! An Update

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. I went through a somewhat tumultuous period with the end of the semester and coming home and finding a job and I couldn’t bring myself to say something cheery and upbeat and the last time I posted feeling depressed had disastrous results. OK, not really disastrous but it was a mistake.

In any case, I have been home now for a while and do have a job. I am working as a software engineering intern for a company called Thermo Finnigan. Thermo Finnigan is a leading manufacturer of mass spectrometers and liquid and gas chromatography devices. They are a subsidiary of Thermo Electron. The question I am sure that is running through your mind is why is David working for a scientific equipment manufacturer? The answer is that the president of Thermo Finnigan is Dr. Ian Jardine, who also happens to be my very good friend Emily Jardine’s father. At dinner with Emily and her family, Dr. Jardine suggested I might work for his company and two weeks later I was.
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