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Sunny California

We are in California now. Watsonville to be specific. Gil got her laptop connected to our dial-up ISP and we’re routing IP traffic to Cross’s and Steinberg’s laptops. My how we are geeks even on vacation. In any case, this message is being posted while sitting on the couch. Sadly, we haven’t an airport so I can’t post from the beach… yet. We went to Santa Cruz today and tomorrow we’re going to go toThe Tech Museum of Innovation. Hopefully we’ll also hit Monterey and San Francisco, and who knows what else. Continue reading

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Going to California

So I hadn’t made any plans yet for Spring Break when it was suggested that we go to California and stay at my family’s beach house. My parents said that would be OK and now we’re going.

There are seven of us total: Me, Emily, Cross, Steinberg, Gil, Tom, and Christine. We’re leaving from JFK on 17 March and coming back on 25 March. Ben has agreed to help with the driving to and from New York City. Thank you everyone for helping and coming, and to those who already made Spring Break plans or couldn’t come but wanted to, I am very sorry. I wish everyone could come, but we’ll be sure to take good photos for you all.

Which reminds me, you can still see the photos from last year’s Spring Break in the photos section on the site here. Continue reading

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21st birthday

Dear devoted readers:

My 21st birthday is Tuesday, 6 March 2001. You know what to do. Continue reading

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